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glute activation 101

Did you know the glute muscles make up the largest and by far most important muscles in your body?

As important as it is to look good in those jeans – or not, if you catch my drift, weak glutes effect your overall bodily health and everyday activities in more ways than you know.


As someone who has fallen victim to glute muscles not “ firing” properly and in returned suffered numerous surgeries, I can attest glute activation and overall strength is not just for aesthetics or the gym junkies it’s for you—YES YOU!



Glute activation is the act of triggering or starting those muscles. By allowing these muscles to rev up before your sport or gym session you are maximizing muscle growth opportunities and lessening the chance for immediate or long term injuries.



  1. Injury prevention
  2. Athletic performance
  3. Stronger, higher and rounder glutes

benefits of glute activation

Considering the glute muscles are so large it only makes sense that these muscles also impact  your overall core strength, balance and mobility.

That’s just how important these bad boys are!

As  far as your everyday activities such as : walking, standing , sitting ,etc; weak glutes can be a primary source for lower back pain, achy knees , bad posture and so much more.

As an athlete you are constantly pushing your body to new limits.  Every sprint, jump and change of direction utilizes those glute muscles.  Proper activation will aid all of the above, increase mobility and coordination. All of which sets the foundation for a superior athlete.

However, you do not have to be an athlete or feeling any pain to benefit from glute activation exercises. The ability to maximize muscle growth which will lift and firm your rear end comes from an all-inclusive sweat session – which means a proper warm-up and cool down.

So, next time don’t forget your activation exercises'll be beach bum ready in no time!   





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