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 It’s that time of the year again. We make promises to ourselves and trying our best to keep them turning our aspirations into reality. One of the hardest parts about some long-term goals is focusing on how to build habits first.

Some people jump right in and for them, that may work. However, take time to think test new way to create new habit that will be there when you are not motivated, when you dot have outside forces pushing you.  Your habits are yours and how that works for you looks different than anyone else. 

There some awesome reads to help you understand how habits are formed that may help you understand a little better.

Now this year one of your goals might have been to put down your phone a little more. This when you do have the cell phone in your hands make that a beneficial and productive step into the new you, you are trying to create.

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  • Streaks 
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HABIT SHARE- Habit tracking just went social. Share habits with friends for extra motivation


Habitshare operates on the social pressure/group motivation philosophy. If not breaking the chain or treating yourself like a game character doesn’t motivate you — the social networking aspect employed in this app might make a difference.

That said, the main selling point here is the motivation and accountability that sharing with friends can offer. Available for Android and iOS. (per

STREAKS- Streaks is the to-do list that helps you form good habits. Everyday you complete a task your streak is extended.



Streaks works like a chain where it gets longer as you get successful but once you fail, your streaks will go back to zero. Simply choose up to 12 things you want to turn into a habit and set how many times you want to do them within a week/month etc. Streaks are compatible with your the Apple ( per tomaslau

HABITICA- Make it a game and have a little fun


Habitica shines in the sense that it aims to make habit creation a game. The app takes something of an RPG video gaming approach — which makes it feel like you’re leveling yourself up with every task you complete. If you fall short of expectations, your avatar loses health. (


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