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Pretty Girls Sweat Fest - ATL

inFITiny Fam we have some exciting event news to share. 

If you have been following us on social (@infitinyfit),  you may have seen we attended the Pretty Girls Sweat Fest 2019 in ATL, and not to make anyone jealous but if you were not there you missed out! 
We had a great time hanging out with everyone at the inFITiny booth in the Vendor village, but there was also some fun and sweat filled fitness classes, shows, engaging fit-fluencer panels, VIP lounge, giveaways, amazing DJs all in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.  

inFITiny x PGSF

We met so many fit-fluencers, fit-thusiast and made a ton of new Sweat Sisters. We danced, talked, worked those glues on our yoga mats with our instructor Jocelyn for the day, and to top things ( somewhat a good and not so great circumstance), we sold out of bands brought to the event!! Who would have guessed right?! Since we began this journey in April I would have never expected such a great turn out, so much love and positive feedback from you all. We couldn't have asked for better. 


Last but not least shout out to our contest winner for the day. We challenged everyone to a 30-second donkey kick competition. We probably had 80 women take to the mats for this one,  and one person in particular crushed it and won a set of inFITiny Glute Bands. WHOOT WHOOT.






PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT founder, Aeshia DeVore Branch, grew tired of the alarming obesity rates plaguing youth and set out to create solutions with a highly engaging, lifestyle brand that makes fitness fun, affordable, and accessible for the population that makes, or will make, 80% of the healthcare decisions in the household... women. Our wellness experiences, annual fitness festival, digital content, and inspiring merch form a “Sweat Sisterhood” uniting women to "sweat with purpose," raise awareness for childhood obesity, become health leaders and give back to underserved communities. Due to our passion combined with our strategy for changing the face of fitness, we’ve been featured on ABC, BET, PopSugar, and Essence! (LEARN MORE)

Through our health community (SWEAT SISTERHOOD), exclusive content (STORIES), (SOCIAL) media, and fun fitness parties (SWEAT SHOWS), young women (SWEAT SISTERS) engage in open and honest discussions (SPEAK) about the obstacles they face in today’s society (SOUL), learn to make healthy recipes they'll completely enjoy (SAVOR), discover how to dress properly for both indoor and outdoor workouts as well as maintain their hair (STYLE), lead active lives (SWEAT), get wise to the benefits of healthy hydration (SIP), celebrate women who use their platform to promote a healthy lifestyle (SWEATLEBRITY), and encourage their peers to do the same (SHARE). 



Celebrity supporters include Keri HilsonLaila AliJeanette JenkinsKelly RowlandAdrienne BailonRasheeda FrostAngela SimmonsElise NealKaren CivilLita LewisEstelleMelanie FionaElle VarnerCarmelita Jeter (fastest woman alive), Egypt Sherrod, and many more!






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