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Self care 101: Easy Essentials for the Perfect Bubble Bath

I am going to say this and I mean it whole-heartedly, YOU ARE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITY. In 2020 and from here on out, we are not going to forget to put ourselves on the to-do list.

If you haven’t had a chance to jump over to “our story” page, please do, but so you don’t have to wait… We cal ourselves inFITiny, by definition (self-proclaimed definition. Webster has not quite got onboard yet) inFITiny stands for wholistic fitness and wellness.  

In other words, true fitness is inclusive of your physical, mental and emotional health.  

So, what exactly falls in line with that you ask?

A Bubble Bath.

 I mean, bubble baths can literally solve almost any problem you come across. Am I right? So, sit back soak those muscles, ease your mind and grab the wine.

Here are some easy bathtub essentials to pick up: 

Bubbles & Sore muscles

Dr. Teal's 

 Relieve sore and achy muscles with convenience. Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt products have become essential to the success strategies of millions in the modern world — rejuvenating the body, quieting the mind, and increasing vitality. 


Silky smooth 

Milky bath

Don't cry over spilled milk—bathe in it! This totally vegan milk bottle bubbler is filled with moisturizing cocoa butter, soy milk and olive oil for supremely soft skin, and the delicate scent of orange oil is perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet soothing scent to make your troubles float away. 


Johnson’s baby oil

Baby oil aka the "old faithful, you can never go wrong here. For locked-in moisture and baby soft skin all day long. Make sure to pour in some Johnson’s baby oil to your next bath

 Outside Essentials 

Tub caddy

A shower caddy is perfect for having everything you need nearby. It's the ultimate tool of convenience.

Don't Forget!

Turn on some relaxing tunes, light those candles, maybe grab your favorite book and seriously… what’s ANYTHING without some wine.

Fitness doesn’t just happen in the gym, doesn’t just happen in the kitchen. It’s not a trend, not a hobby, not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Self-care is IN people, so, yes make it regularly scheduled activity, you got this!



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