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What is the inFITiny Lifestyle??



Good Morning Beautiful!


We would like to formally introduce ourselves.. We are inFITiny.. your friendly family owned fitness brand, and we can’t wait to meet you! My name is Tiandra and I’m the founder of inFITiny, I am ridiculously excited to have finally launched and ready to see where this journey takes us.


I get a lot of questions about the brand’s name – inFITiny. At first, a little tongue twister I admit. However, the name sounding so close to the eternity  symbol known as infinity  tends to take people for a loop.  I am proud to say , that’s the point!

That’s exactly what we are all about, this never ending fitness  journey. To some that sounds so tiresome. I mean seriously, how are you going to live your life and also “fit in” working out if you are trudging down some never ending path? 

Here is the secret!

Fitness is very much an inclusive part of that life you feel like you wont be living if you are at the gym.  In fact, fitness is your mental, emotional and of course physical health too. If you are constantly on a journey of self-betterment then everything that keeps you moving like a well-oiled machine, brings a smile to your face and has you being as mindful as possible then you are already embracing the inFITiny lifestyle.

Just decide that fitness is not the outsider. Now, slowly but surely your habits change and in turn your life.

So, ladies and gents’ that’s what we call inFITiny and we are happy to finally meet you. #infitinyFAM




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